A Home For My Dishes

A couple of weeks ago, my grandmother told me it was time to take home my full set of pink depression glass dishes that she had saved for me ever since I was born. Ecstatically, I gladly accepted and dug through a devastated storage shed in her backyard to get them. Covered in dried out mud and God-only-knows what else, they beamed when they caught a glimpse of the sunshine.


My mother cleaned them up for me and packed them away until I found them a new home. I have been searching for a China cabinet to put them in for weeks. Many failed attempts left my dishes homeless. Finally, last weekend my aunt told me I could have an old cabinet that was inherited after a family member’s passing. I knew it needed some love, but it would be perfect.





My mom and I took it apart yesterday and cleaned it up. After about three hours, it was fully sanded and free from cobwebs and dirtdobber nests. We put one coat on it, but it will definitely need another. I am going to get new hardware for it, just to make it a little more my style, and add a piece of wallpaper behind the shelves. I love that a piece of history will be in my home really, really soon. It’s going to look darling with my dishes displayed on its shelves!

Stay tuned!


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