Book Club: Train Your Brain Intro


I am so excited to start this book with you all. I hope you’ve gotten it by now, if not that’s okay. I want to go ahead and get started by downloading the FREE workbook that we’re going to use in conjunction with the book [insert excited clap here]!! To get instant access, simply go to and enter in your email address. Shortly after, you’ll receive an email giving you the link to the website where the workbook is. The site is pretty simple and all of the workbook pages are easily downloadable and printable. My best suggestion, to get the most out of this book, is buy a little notebook or folder with brads to keep everything in. Think of it as you’re in school again!

So here’s your first homework assignment: read chapters 1-3 and download the workbook. After you read, answer this short Q&A.

1. Are you a direct sales consultant or entrepreneur?
2. What are your goals you wish to see for your business?
3. What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses right now in your business?

Happy reading!


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