Dating Diary: Easy Date Night Ideas


I love having the week nights off because it means I get to spend more time with my hunny. I’m always trying to think of stuff for us to do instead of watching Netflix all the time. Here are ten easy date nights I came up with that don’t require much effort or money.

1. Fondue night and a classic movie.
2. Weekend morning walk and brunch.
3. Food crawl: drinks, appetizer, entrée, and dessert all at different places.
4. Day trip somewhere close. I always like going somewhere new.
5. Theme dinner. Asian, Mexican, Southern.. go all out!
6. Movie marathon weekend. Harry Potter, Mad Men, Disney favorites.
7. Paint a picture together. Who knows, it might be worth displaying!
8. Game night. Pick your favorite board game and make a night out of it.
9. Star gazing picnic.
10. Bake a cake together. You’ll be surprised how fun this is!

Above all, HAVE FUN! Couples who have fun together – stay together.


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