The Super Fruit


Not only are apricots full of beta-carotene and fiber, but are packed with a plentiful supply of vitamin C. Likewise they are good for protecting your eyesight and protecting against inflammation.


For your bedroom: I personally love the color of apricots. The pale peach is perfect for any space and makes a great accent color. I have a lot of this peachy hue in my bedroom mixed with plum, gray and gold. It’s really feminine and pretty. This adorable accent chair from Joss and Main would look darling in any dormer window.

For your body: I am convinced that the reason why I have slim to zero acne problems is because of my St. Ives apricot scrub. I wash my face in it every morning, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and silky. It will be especially needed during these upcoming months filled with dry air. Likewise, I love my Essie apricot cuticle oil. Once a week, in between Jamicures, I lather this stuff on my cuticles and it has saved my nail beds tremendously.

For your belly: One item I always keep stock of is apricot preserves. I marinade chicken it in, mix it with pasta, and even make PB&Js with it. It’s so delicious!

How do you use apricot?


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