DIY Place Cards

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and with all the festivities that will take place, there’s a few things you can’t forget. One of those are place cards. I’m slightly obsessed with calligraphy. I haven’t taken classes on how to do it yet, but it’s on my bucket list. However, I’m really good a Photoshop and downloading fonts (if you haven’t noticed).

I was looking around on Pinterest for some cute place card ideasĀ and I found a few that deserve a mention.

Gold Glittered Feather Thanksgiving Name Cards - from Martha Stewart and Make Life Lovely


You invited (and plan on him attending, hence the place card) a giant talking lion to Thanksgiving...?


twig & twine place card holders -- this twig idea can be used for awesome picture frames (for that african style interiors perhaps)


Or this one!


Clever place card idea : Cut branch with name hand written in it.


20 autumn party seating card inspirations


I love the creative display ideas, most of which are fairly simple. I will definitely be giving it shot this year, if I can decide on which one I want to do!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?


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