Tuesday Tips


Winter came in like a thief in the night and now we’re back to shivering to death. I can’t imagine what the folks up North are going through. One thing I do know for sure is how to dress in the winter. Last winter, Birmingham got surprised with snow and ice and most people were stranded in their cars for days until help arrived. This year, I know for a fact I will be keeping my rain boots, crackers, water, and a blanket in my car at all times.

I prefer my winter clothes over my summer clothes, if that makes sense. I have a lot of cute sweaters and boots that I can’t wear but one time a year so when I do finally get to bring them all out, I have fun with it.

There are a couple of tips on beating the winter chill that I stick to each year.


1. Throwing your pants in the dryer before you put them on is a lifesaver. Once they are on, the heat is trapped and can’t escape. If you include tip #2, then you’re golden.

2. Wearing leggings under your pants help with windchill that is so intolerable. Plus, if it gets warmer throughout the day, they are easy to take off and fold up in your bag.

3. Dressing in layers is the smartest thing to do in the winter. I always wear a knit long sleeve shirt with a cardigan or a sweater over it.

And last but not least, investing in a good winter wardrobe is a must. You need a good coat and a pair of boots above all else. The others are nice to have, but not dire need.

Am I missing anything? What are your must-haves in the winter?


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