December Greetings


Can you believe that December snuck up on us this quick? I sure can’t.

December is possibly my most favorite month of the year. Why? Because it’s about family. I love being home for the holidays. There’s nothing sweeter than curling up in the recliner and staring at my mother’s Christmas tree while listening to Mariah Carey on my dad’s surround-sound system.  I love piling up in the living room with all of my family and watching each other open presents. I love baking cookies and drinking apple cider and the off chance that it snows.

The holidays make everyone just a tad bit nicer. There are more smiles and greetings. More hugs and kisses. It’s more about helping each other and giving joy to those around us. You can’t not be happy when you see Santa in every mall and those gorgeous window displays adorned with red and gold glitter. And wrapping presents and making crafts and decorating your mantel. The holidays are just better all around.

What’s your favorite part of the holidays?


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