Tuesday Tips: The Essentials for Puppyhood

So you’re thinking about getting a puppy. Puppies are both rewarding and challenging, but will forever hold a spot inside your heart. My first puppy, still currently a puppy, was very, very challenging. And still is. It’s like having a toddler: you constantly have to keep an eye out. They put everything in their mouth, always want to chew on something, have accidents all over the house, throw up in the car, bark at everything, eat everything, destroy shoes and pillows, run out the door without a leash, and shed an immense amount of fur. BUT they also love you unconditionally, forget that you yelled at them, cuddle with you when you’re sick, and are always happy to see you.

Not only is the cost of the actual dog a nice chunk (unless they are free like mine!), but so are all the supplies that come with them. There are a few essentials that all first-time puppy parents must have before they bring the pup home.


To read the full (and hilarious!) story from BarkPost click here.

Puppies are a learning experience and every one is different. Make sure you are prepared for the worst and the best outcomes possible.

And just for giggles, and because she got a new leopard fur coat, here’s a picture of my Mila!




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