Festive Nails and a Giveaway!

Christmas is just a few short days away and I couldn’t be more ready. This weekend I gathered my precious boyfriend up and we went to the mall. Poor guy sat on a bench surrounded with forty bags with the sweetest puppy dogs eyes as to say, “Are we done yet?” After about three hours, that answer was YES! So as of late yesterday afternoon, all of my shopping (AND wrapping!) was complete, so I had a minute to throw on some new wraps for the holidays.


On my hands are Santa Suit and Tinsel Town with a Gold Sparkle accent. How adorbs, right? I will be totally be changing these in a week because I just have too many Christmas ones I want to try, but I love, love, love this look!

A potential holiday outfit using this trifecta of festiveness would look something like this:


Ready to enter to win a free sheet of Santa Suit? You can’t purchase this online and have it time for Christmas. Now’s your only chance! Fill out the form below. You can enter once every day, for multiple opportunities to win! Winner will be announce on Friday! Good luck!





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