Homemade Hot Cocoa


Last night I was in one of those moods where I wanted hot cocoa, and I’m talking about the real thing; no instant stuff. I wanted to sit in my jammies and fuzzy socks, watch Netflix and sip. Plus, it was the dreadful time of the month and I was feeling extra pitiful. I had never made any before, but I figured it was pretty easy so I ran to my beloved Pinterest to find a recipe. This one caught my eye because of how decadent the pictures looked. I mean, I can almost taste the chocolate syrup on my lips.

I divided the recipe in half and tweaked the extras to make it my own. Boy, was it good. I doubt I’ll ever buy the instant stuff again.



First, I heated two cups of milk on the stove. I continuously stirred it make sure it didn’t stick. Before it began to boil, I cut the eye off and added in the good stuff: 2.5 tsp. of Hershey’s cocoa, 1/2 cup of sugar, a dash of salt, and a tsp. of vanilla extract. I stirred it all together and put it in my favorite coffee cup. And of course I added the marshmallows and chocolate syrup. How could you not?



Mmmm.. I wish I had some right about now.

My boyfriend has been dying to have my famous Oreo balls, so I whipped up a batch of those too. Always a favorite in my house. That recipe can be found here, give or take the peppermint and sprinkles. PS: It’s soooooo easy.


Happy Thursday!


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