Spotlight: Tom Dixon Lighting

If you haven’t heard of Tom Dixon, you’re missing out. He’s a British industrial designer who is known for his modern lighting, furniture and accessories line. And he’s kind of a hunk, too!


Lighting plays a huge role in the design industry. Without a lighting plan, a space would be boring and obsolete. It’s so important, as an interior designer, to choose a perfect lighting collection for a space. Good lighting can literally transform a space into something magical and beautiful. I always say, “You either nailed it or you didn’t,” and Tom Dixon nailed it.

Harrods Cafe

Metropolitan Wharf London

Royal Academy of Arts London
{Photo source:}

Tom Dixon recently launched a collaboration with, a modern furniture and accessories store. I could not have been more pleased with the collection. These pendants are inspired by mathematics and geometry with the use of material experimentation, and a broad range of cultural influences.



Simply stunning. Simply genius.

To view more of this incredible collection, visit






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