Resolutions + Goals for 2015

This is so true. Have a plan first, otherwise it's like putting the cart before the horse.

Yesterday, I posted a recap of the exciting year I had. Today, I wanted to share with you some of my resolutions and goals for the this year. They are bold and scary, but I’m willing and able to tackle every one of them head on.

The first step in keeping your resolutions and goals is to be public about them. According to blogger Grace Bonney, “It’s a little more difficult to back out on your promises when all 100 of your Instagram followers know what they are.”

So, here goes mine.

2015 resolutions copy

The first list outlines my goals for this year, things that are tangible and require physical effort and motivation to accomplish. At the bottom, I have listed some resolutions that I want to implement into my daily life. These things mentally require effort and need to not be overlooked as I’m going about my day.

I love the article on Brit+Co. posted yesterday about keeping your resolutions all year long instead of just a few weeks. One of my favorites is the WOOP method. Oftentimes we say we want to work out three times a week or learn a new skill, but we have no clue how we’re actually going to pull that off. The WOOP method is answer to that question. First, you outline your Wish: what you really want. Then consider the Outcome: what ideally would happen. Then, outline the Obstacles that will get in the way and lastly, come up with a Plan to overcome them. Great, right? I received a journal for Christmas, so I’m really excited about doing this method on all of my resolutions. For more tips and tricks, read the full article on Brit+Co. or click here.

What are your resolutions and goals for 2015 and how are you going to accomplish them?


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