Trend to Try: Faux Fur-inishings


Lately, I have been seeing faux fur everywhere. Just this weekend, I stumbled upon a DIY tutorial to create those famous fur stools that seem to be trending (and expensive!). The fashion movement for this winter seems to be incorporating a fur vest with plaid and leather leggings, and designer magazines such as Veranda and HouseBeautiful are showcasing fur throw rugs on almost every page. Needless to say, fur is in and there’s no better time to jump on the fur train than now.


I love a good bargain, so I’ve browsed the web for the best deals on the market for faux fur accessories. Not to say that you need a fur-overload in your bedroom, but choosing an accent piece like a pillow, rug or stool can add texture and interest into any space.



*5 is sold out currently on, but here’s a super easy tutorial to make your own. Definitely a weekend project in my future!

One last thing: Starting this Sunday-Saturday, is having their biggest bed and bath sale all year! Spend $50, save $10 or spend $100, save $25 with promo code: HOME at checkout. Target will also have over 5,000 new Home pieces to pick from up to 20% off. Time to refresh your home while keeping money in your pocket.

I just signed the lease on a new rental home, so guess where I’m headed this Sunday? My favorite store for home décor! I think that Safavieh Haven faux sheepskin is definitely coming home with me.. ;)

Happy Hump Day!

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