Friday Favorites


TGIF! I got a house! It’s a rental, but at least it’s a house and not an apartment. It’s less than a mile from my office, has natural hardwood floors throughout, a huge backyard and a nice sized kitchen. As an interior designer, it’s kind of like my job in life to find the good in everything. This house is not a looker, nor is it a house I’d want to raise my future children in, but it’s got heavy potential and my sole purpose for the next few months is to make that potential come to life. There’s no such thing as a crappy home; just only a crappy owner. I have DIY tutorials I’ve been waiting to try and now I have the perfect chance to do so. I can’t wait to share my before-and-after’s with you all.

This weekend, I’m taking my nephew to his first UAB men’s basketball game and we’re going to gander around Birmingham for a little while. Maybe eat some grub, and just do cool aunt and nephew things. Then, this Sunday, I’m going to go out to my home improvement stores and my favorite home décor stores and take advantage of all of those end of the year clearance sales. But before I go, here’s the links I’m loving this week.


One\\This adorable (and FREE!) printable calendar would cheer up any desk and is perfect for a quick gift.

Two\\This Facebook page benefitting a little boy named Anthony who is sick and loves doggies makes my heart smile.

Three\\This house is so stunning. Can I move in today?

Four\\This online jewelry store features handmade pieces with geodes and real stones that are to die for, plus the girl is from Birmingham.

Five\\This infographic on making the perfect smoothie.


Have a great weekend!


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