I’m feeling green…

I'm not usually a green color pop girl, but I kinda love this emerald color in the middle of the black and white living room.

I got a house! Well, it’s a rental but it’s still a house. I’m so excited to redesign and reconfigure my furniture. I’m adding a little twist on my current theme, which is peach and plum with lots of gold. I’m adding some black and white and a little pop of emerald. I created this mood board and I have to say, I’m feeling it. If you recall my recent mood board outlining my dream bedroom, then you’ll remember my gold and pink accents here and there. OK, it was everywhere. I want to tone it down and make it a little more masculine, so I think the emerald will be a nice touch. Besides, it’s my birthstone!

Take a look.

LivingRoom mood

I could just eat it up I love it so. Did you know that the color green means balance, harmony and growth? Just like in nature, green leaves are an indication the plant is still growing, the anticipation of things to come.

Here are some inspiration pins..

Bold pillows paired with a neutral couch. Perfection.

leopard pillow cover / green Greek key pillow coverDomino: The Book of Decorating / urchin

Eclectic Design Office  Read more - http://www.stylemepretty.com/living/2014/02/13/eclectic-design-office/

green velvet pillows \ Prada art \ leopard pillow \ tan quatrefoil fabric

6th Street Design School | Kirsten Krason Interiors : Feature Friday: Simple Details - Credenza Makeover

Pops of emerald in Gray Malin's living room makeover.

This is a living room, but great inspiration for a bedroom.  I love the green, black and white together, especially the pillows.  Plus the pink flowers really make the room pop!

So, I’m having a bit of a time choosing the right leopard pillow. Which one is your favorite?


Can’t wait to show you all a tutorial of my new home! It’ll be a while… so stay tuned!

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