A Healthy Duo


I am the typical run-out-the-door kind of girl in the mornings. I barely have time to dress myself, much less make breakfast. As with the New Year, I like to change my eating habits, well all habits for that matter. Most days, I would run to McDonald’s some local chain and grab a coffee and a biscuit and feel bloated for the rest of the day.

That’s why my love for Naked juices and KIND bars is real.

I’ve tried a lot of organic juices and nothing tastes as good as Naked juices do. They are 100% pure fruit and veggies, no artificial ingredients or extras and they taste amazing! Naked juices are sweet and smooth, unlike some that have the consistency of Pepto-Bismol. Also, the company’s story is pretty amazing. According to their website, there bottling facility is LEED-certified and their bottles are 100% post-recycled! (I’m an enviro-junkie, so this matters to me.) They have quite a few flavors, so I don’t get tired of drinking the same one every time, and they also have them in gallon containers. They make great frozen smoothies, too!

As far as KIND goes, their story is great, too. The best thing, in my opinion, about KIND is you can see the ingredients and you can pronounce them all. Like Naked, there are no artificial sweeteners or extras. They are gluten free and have no genetically modified foods. There are over 20 different flavors, but my favorite are the dark chocolate chunk. They give me the burst of energy I need in the mornings and fill my tummy ’till it’s time for lunch.

You can pick up a box of KIND bars and a bottle or two of Naked juice at Target or your local grocery store.

Happy Thursday!

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