My Quick Tidy-Up Method

I have a confession: I’m not a neat person. I hate coming in from a long work day to a dirty house. I can’t stand to see dishes left in the sink and an overflowing trash can, but life happens and sometimes those things are there. I have found a tried and true method to a quick clean-up that I want to share with you guys because honestly, it made my life so much easier.

First things first: go to your favorite home store and buy a medium-sized basket for every major room in your house. Major rooms include: kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom (one basket for all of the bathrooms will suffice), bedroom, and spare/extra room. Also, get a laundry basket that’s easy to carry around; not a large one that you would normally use. While you’re there, get a box of garbage bags.

When you need to do a quick tidy-up, grab your baskets and a garbage bag and get started.

  • Gather all the trash.
  • Gather all the dirty laundry.
  • Put everything that does not belong in that room into the basket of the room that it does belong in.
  • Put everything else that is out away.


  • Take out the trash.
  • Sort laundry and start it.
  • Distribute all items from the basket to their proper room.

At this point, your house should be picked up and tidy. If you do that every other day as needed, your house will stay clean, neat and organized.

Happy Monday!


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