Tuesday Tips: Wall Décor for Renters

"Rental Sweet Rental" #welcomehome #pegasuspins

I’ve been in the renter’s club for three years now and with each new place I’ve found that it’s fairly easy to decorate your walls without having to paint it. Most renting complexes require you to repaint the walls before you leave, so I’ve opted out of that option all together. Besides, I hate painting! Anything that feels permanent kind of freaks me out. I change my style so often, that painting feels like a done-deal to me. No going back. So, I’ve put together my list of favorite wall ideas that are easy and hassle-free to remove. These two ideas are temporary and require no commitment. When you’re ready to change things up, they come right down.

Wall Decals



Wall decals are the most cost effective way to dress up your walls and they can be applied fairly quickly. Some of my favorite wall decals are stripes and dots. If you recall my post about the gold dot accent wall I did my bedroom, then you’ll remember how easy that tutorial was. Just recently, I found precut decals at Target in two different sizes; however, when I searched for them online nothing came up. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want that look. Another decal idea I love are thick, bold stripes. I found a website called wallsneedlove.com that has hundreds of decal ideas including stripes. Needless to say, decals are the best way to go for a large statement in a small space.

Gallery Walls



I love the look of a gallery walls. There are lots of different ideas on this, but my favorite is the symmetrical black and white look like in the first photo above. It doesn’t require much effort; it’s just simple and pretty. You can make a gallery wall using picture frames or assorted pieces of art like metal letters and mirrors. Either way, it takes practice to get it the way you want. I suggest laying it out on the floor first so you can play with the arrangement until you like the way it looks. This is another options for adding that “pop” of color in your space. Bright and colorful artwork can go a long way in making a space feel more alive.

How do you decorate your rental?



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