Friday Favorites

Bella Bookworm -- Watercolor Print -- Home Decor -- Read Colorfully

{via History in High Heels}

ONE\\West Elm Marble Cleat Boxes. I picked one of these guys up last night from the sale rack. I just think it’s so handsome! Who knows what treasures it will hold?

TWO\\History in High Heels Shop. I came across this fabulous blog this week and then found out she had an Etsy shop. I already ordered the “Bella Bookworm” print and cannot wait to frame it in my office. Love that pop of green!

THREE\\Heart to Heart Tights. Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day attire? These tights would look so cute under a peplum dress or flare skirt. I might have to snag them myself!

FOUR\\Sequin & Stripes Top 20 Wardrobe Essentials. If you’re anything like me, now is the time to clean out your closet and donate\sell all of those clothes you don’t wear to make room for quality pieces. This guide was helpful to me and I just love Liz’s style.

FIVE\\Chia Peanut Butter Protein Balls. I just saw this recipe on Pinterest and I cannot wait to try these out. These are packed with protein and are perfect for a post-gym snack. Yum!

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is full of fun times and love.

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