Pillow Upgrade

One of my biggest problems with decorating my own home is that I change my style too often. I love trying out new color schemes and seeing what I like most, but it’s hard when you’re on such a tight budget. However, I realized that there are a few ways to upgrade the items that you already have in your home. One of those items are your pillows. As I’ve unfortunately found out, pillows can be really expensive. I like pillows with feather-down in them because they sit prettier. I love the “V” in the middle that they make.

Okay, I’ll stop being weird.


I already owned a pair of blue pillows that were in great shape, just not the color I wanted. What I really wanted were some glitzy pillows for my bedroom. I stumbled in West Elm last week to only buy a duvet cover and got trapped by the sale that was going on. Happens every time. I came across their pillow covers and was shocked that they were on sale for $12 each. I snatched up two gold shimmery ones (be still my heart) and knew exactly what I was going to do with them.

I stuffed the blue pillows inside, all whilst feeling giddy inside. They were a perfect fit! I tossed them on my new duvet and now, it looks like I have $70 pillows on my bed.



Can we say, “Success?” And just in case I change my color interests in a few months, I can switch out the covers for something else.  By the way, I love my new duvet. This is the pintuck from West Elm and it’s on sale right now!

More pictures of my new house coming soon, and they will be taken during the day and with a better camera unlike these. I just couldn’t wait!


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