Friday Favorites

ONE\\ I love everything about this bathroom: the gray cabinets, Calcutta marble floors in a striking herringbone pattern and the gold hardware, sconces and mirror.

TWO\\ I just started following this blog because I love Mary’s boldness in her fashion choices. She’s not the average fashion blogger, and I love that.

THREE\\ I am lusting hard over these booties. They may or may not be on my list for Valentine’s Day.

FOUR\\ I’m slowly approaching the final few days of the month, soaking up all that I can about freezer meals. I’m starting the first of February! This site has a free downloaded e-book that I’ve found super helpful.

FIVE\\ I love, love, love this DIY wrapping paper, especially in time for Feb. 14th! I’m definitely going to try this!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

PS: I’m working on printable planner pages to ultimately put in a larger planning binder. Some of those pages include monthly calendars, a daily planning page, a health and fitness tracker, and a blog planner. Would you all be interested in them? Share your thoughts!

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