Photoshop Tips #3: Clipping Mask


I haven’t done a Photoshop tutorial in a while, so I figured I’d do a quick and easy one. Have you seen those prints on Etsy or Pinterest that have a background behind the wording like the one above? It’s a form of typography that is so simple to reproduce. Let me introduce you to my friend, Mr. Clipping Mask. This gentleman is a hidden gem in the world of Photoshop that I try to keep to myself, but that wouldn’t be fair now would it? So, I’ve decide to let the cat out of the bag and show you how you can create your own images using this fun technique.

How nice of me.

Program: Adobe Photoshop
Technique used: Clipping Mask

First off, find a background image. If you type geometric backgrounds into Pinterest a bunch of fun ones come up like this one.


Next, figure out what you want your image to say. I like lyrics or inspirational sayings, but you do what you want. *Note: you can do this with another image or shape but for this tutorial I am doing words.


After that, drag your background layer, in this case Layer 1, on top of your text layer. Notice yellow box to the right. Your text will now be covered up.


Next, go to your ribbon and click on “Layer” – find “Create Clipping Mask” and click it.


You will now feel all sorts of giddiness inside because you will have just created a masterpiece. See how easy that was? You will never have to buy those Etsy prints again! You’re welcome.



The possibilities are endless! Before long, you’ll be able to do stuff like this:

LESSON 2: Objective- Using Photoshop, create an art mash-up using masking and clipping techniques. Successfully combine 2 famous pieces of art to create a new masterpiece. Consider having students present research they have found about the artists/pieces they chose to mash-up. Example: Botticelli and van Gogh (there are all KINDS of art mash ups you could do...)

Mark Gowing, Hopscotch Films  Tyson, Film poster by Eye magazine, via Flickr

30 More Stunning Magazine and Publication Layout Inspiration | Inspiration Hut

Brittique poster designs on the Behance Network

Happy Photoshoppin’ :)

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