Friday Favorites

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ONE\\ I’m in love with these Lucite bar stools I saw on Lemon Stripes yesterday. They are functional and chic and do not distract from the rest of the room. Lucite furniture is great when you have small spaces, because it doesn’t make the room feel cluttered.

TWO\\ These budget-friendly Valentine’s day dates are perfect for any day of the year. Currently in Birmingham, there’s an Andy Worhol exhibit at our art museum. Definitely might check that out with the huns.

THREE\\ I just recently started oil pulling and I can already tell an immense difference in the whiteness of my teeth and my gums are not puffy and red anymore. I have been using Nutiva and I do it first thing in the morning, before coffee or breakfast, for about 15 minutes give or take. It’s not a taste I enjoy, but I fight through it! I’ll be posting about this soon. ;)

FOUR\\ I’ve watched this Will Ferrell video a thousand times. Gosh, I love a laugh.

FIVE\\ I’m getting ready for my housewarming party and I found this recipe for Strawberry Brownie Kabobs and I couldn’t resist. They are definitely on the menu.

TGIF! This weekend I have a UAB men’s basketball game to attend and hopefully I can finally finish unpacking the office/library/craft room/junk room. Have a great weekend

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