Tuesday Tips \\ Guest Post: Sprinkle of Glam

Today’s Tuesday Tips post is brought to you by the lovely blogger behind Sprinkle of Glam. I absolutely adore Morgan’s blog and read it daily. Sprinkle of Glam is my go-to place to find all of my party planning ideas. I’m getting ready to host my housewarming party this Sunday, and so what better person to ask for help that the party perfectionist herself. I asked Morgan to give me her best tips for throwing a Valentine-themed housewarming party and she didn’t disappoint.

Hello! Hello! I am Morgan over at Sprinkle of Glam blog. Natalie so graciously asked me to share my tips on throwing a Valentine’s Day housewarming party. Just to tell you a little about me, I never turn down a cocktail party, have an obsession with bar carts, always keep fresh flowers on hand, and love being a hostess.

Tips for a Valentine’s Day Themed Housewarming Party:

ONE// My number one tip for any party is to create a signature cocktail that has a festive name. You can name it after your new street address or a more Valentine’s Day themed name. Serve this cocktail on a bar cart or a designated area in your home. Offer other beverages that are alcohol free as well as beer and wine. Don’t forget about adding fresh flowers, paper straws, and cocktail napkins to your bar area!


TWO// Keep your food and drinks separate. If you place drinks and food together, people tend to bottleneck. Lines are never fun at any party!

THREE//Create a color scheme and stick with it. If you want to only use reds, then only have red décor throughout. You can even plan your food around your color scheme. I would suggest having at least one accent color such as gold or blush for a Valentine’s Day theme. I typically create inspiration boards that help me stay on track with my color scheme.


FOUR//Preparation is key! Set up your table and any décor the night before. Make as much of the food beforehand as you are able. It might be easier to have food catered, which will take the stress off the hostess. Nothing is worse than throwing a party and being too busy in the kitchen to mingle with your guests.


FIVE//Create a budget, excel works great for this. Even the smallest of parties can get out of hand if boundaries are not set financially. If you cannot afford a full dinner, just offer appetizers. Another trick is to just offer one or two varieties of beer and wine. If it is close friends, you could even ask for each person to bring a dish or bottle of wine for a more casual feel.

SIX//Even if it is a small housewarming party, send out invitations or e-invitations. This is often a forgotten detail that I adore. I love Minted and Paperless Post.

SEVEN// Lastly, make your guests feel at home. Point out where the restroom is located, offer to take their coat, mix up a cocktail for your guest, and introduce guests to others they may not know. Since it is a housewarming party, plan a tour of your new home once all of your guests arrive.


Styling by Sprinkle of Glam | Photography by Zipporah Photography

I love her tip about naming a drink after your new street. Mine is now Cinnamon Street, so maybe lots of cinnamon dishes? Sounds good to me! Special thanks to Morgan for this amazing post. Make sure you check out her blog to read about party planning tips and more!


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