Tuesday Tips


My little miracle niece is turning three is next Monday. I cannot believe how fast time has gone, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I’m so thankful my sister got stationed here so that we could be a huge part of her life. I can literally jump in the car and see her whenever I want! PS: what three year old do you know that doesn’t have a scrap or two on their face? It’s casual.

My sister asked my niece back in the fall what kind of party she wanted and the answer was: UNICORNS! So, she went with it and has planned out the best enchanted fairytale unicorn with dragons and dinosaurs party complete with a lot of pink and gold sparkle! She wanted to make my niece a special shirt for her to wear, so she asked me for help. She bought some gold iron-on vinyl and I used my Cricut to cut it out.


Here’s how we did it.

First, we flipped the vinyl paper so the gold sparkle faced down and inserted it into the Cricut. Using the Cindy Loo cartridge, we typed out the number “three” backwards. So, it looked like this: eerht. Then, I used the “flip” button on the Cricut to reverse all of the letters. I scaled the letters to 2 1/2″ and made sure the pressure was all the way up and the blade was on 6.

After it was cut, we weeded the excess gold away so only the “three” was showing. By now, the “three” was back to normal (reading left to right). We turned the shirt inside out with the gold glitter side facing up. We put a dishcloth on top and ironed the design onto the shirt for about a minute or two. Note: the steam option was turned off. After, checking it multiple times to make sure it stuck we reversed the shirt and peeled off the clear layer of the gold paper. And it was done! We also added some little vine flourishes to the sleeves and the back of the neck.



Isn’t it just perfect for her enchanted themed party? I give it 2o minutes and it’ll have marker or juice stains on it! E loved it and said, “Oooo I like dat!”

I can’t wait to celebrate with her on Saturday!

Source: We used this lady’s tutorial to make this shirt. She uses a silhouette, but the instructions are the same.

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