Gift Guide: Toddler Girls

My adorable niece is turning three next Monday and this Saturday we’re having her birthday party, which by the way is unicorn/dinosaur/dragon/princess themed. When you ask a toddler what they want for their birthday it’s normally something relating to food or something completely unfeasible. However, there are a few things that every toddler needs, so I’ve created a gift guide to help myself and others when shopping for the little princesses in their life.

TSA - GiftGuide_Toddler Girls

1. Every toddler love going to see something new and wonderful, so what better gift than tickets to their favorite aquarium or zoo? Number one on my list is the Georgia Aquarium. They have a lot of fun things to entertain small children and lots of cute shows that will take up time. Toddlers get bored easily so this is a plus, am I right?

2. I love classic books, and I loved receiving them as a child. Purchasing a classic Dr. Seuss book, maybe your favorite as a child, and then passing on that tradition would be a special moment. Every time I give a book to someone, I write a little note on the inside. It’s just an added extra to make it sweet.

3. This board game was one of my favorites growing up! Very similar to the classic book idea, giving a classic board game (but maybe with their favorite character) is a great gift for toddlers.

4. I love handmade pieces so that’s why this gold bow headband is on the list. It’s a perfect gift for that mini-diva in your life!

5. My niece already has a castle tent, but it’s one of her favorite things to play with. Every child, boy or girl, has a vast imagination. Giving them a castle keeps that imagination alive. This one, from The Land of Nod, is on sale!

6. Spring is upon us, whether we feel it or not, so this cute little chambray dress is definitely on the list. This one comes with a bright coral belt which is perfect for warmer weather ahead.

7. Little girls need good backpacks. This one from Hanna Andersson is the perfect size: not too big, not too small. I love all of the colors, too.

8. This little fox is so sweet and cuddly. Even though we say our babies are “big girls,” there’s nothing sweeter than a soft best friend. These from Jellycat are the best.

9. I love these bow flats from Kitson. The nude are sold out, but the black and pink are just as cute.

What are your favorite gifts for girls?

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