Muggy Winter Hues

It has rained all weekend in Birmingham. I’m so tired of this cold and wet weather. I am ready for Spring! Saturday was my nieces third birthday party and I had a great time seeing all of my nieces and nephews. She opened a ton of gifts and we had kid-friendly finger foods and drinks. Then, that night J and I went to a UAB basketball game. As soon as the game let out, it came a down pour. So, we ran across campus, me, in ankle boots. We were soaked! I knew I would have pneumonia. Sunday I went to a baby shower with my sister and we celebrated the upcoming arrival of one of my college friend’s new girl. She is already loved so much! After, my sis and I got a little retail therapy in and that’s where this post comes in. I found a great pair of black loafers at TJ Maxx [$30] and a green and gold plaid (go Blazers!) scarf [$8] at American Eagle. For today’s post, I paired it with my favorite chunky sweater and faded skinnies. **Please excuse this muggy weather outside my house. It’s so depressing!**











Aren’t these flats great?

I hope your Monday is a little brighter than mine!


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