Tuesday Tips

Anyone who’s lived in a college apartment or moved into a teeny tine rental home knows the struggle of having a kitchen the size of a shoe box. It’s hard to find storage, much less any kind of workspace. If you’re like me, you love to cook and you need a space where you can work. I have a few tips for maximizing your kitchen that I want to share with you, plus you’ll get to see another room of my new rental!

Tips for Maximizing Your Kitchen

1. Keeping your walls and cabinets light and bright is key to having a kitchen that seems larger and workable. My cabinets are a dingy brown color and there’s nothing I can do about it because I live in a rental. What I did do to brighten the space up is add patterned contact paper from Walmart to my backsplash. It looks ten times better just with that simple fix and it only cost about $5.


2. I do not have a pantry in the current home I’m in, but I did have a space in my kitchen for a piece of furniture. To maximize my needs for storage, I skipped the aesthetics and went straight to functionality. I purchase a five-tier stainless steel wire shelving unit from Target for a little under $100. It is perfect for my cookie sheets, snacks, and baking dishes which are placed neatly in a metal divider. It also keeps my microwave and my toaster oven, two fairly large items, off my counters. I also use cheap canvas baskets to hold snacks and other smaller items. I take everything out of the box when I get it and pack it in these baskets as tight as I can.


3. My cupboards are deep and shallow and I hate opening the crooked doors more than I have to, so I resolved to hanging my pots and pans on a peg board that I painted a bright turquoise. If you remember my craft closet reveal from my previous rental, then this will be familiar to you. A peg board allows you to organize your items in a neat and planned fashion. I love the look of my peg board and it holds a lot of items.


4. Like I mentioned in #2, I don’t have a pantry to hold dry goods and stacking boxes and bags of rice and pasta wasn’t working for me. So, I picked up some glass containers at Walmart for $3-$5 each and placed them in a basket beside my stove. I can’t stand things that aren’t planned, so corralling things in baskets in my therapy. I use the containers for pasta, rice, chocolate chips, flax seeds, and brown sugar: things I bake with constantly. I’m debating of getting a few more and putting them in another spot because frankly I like the look of them. I can see what’s in them and I don’t have to hunt for something when I need it.


5. Likewise, I keep my spices right next to my stove so they are on hand when baking. I keep them lined up in a drawer, label side up, side by side. I also have two little plastic baskets to place measuring cups and extracts/flavorings in. They are easy to find and do not take up much space in my drawer.

There are more organizational strategies for maximizing your kitchen, but you have to do what works for your space. My kitchen is an odd size and an odd layout, so this is what works best for me.

If you have any questions on maximizing your kitchen and what some special advice catered to your space, Id be happy to help. Find the contact button above and let’s chat!

Happy organizing!

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