The Best Beauty Products for Redheads

Last week I asked a handful of redheaded beauties to take a quick survey on how they go about their daily beauty routine. The answers were both surprising and informative. I knew I wanted to do a post about my daily beauty routine being the fair skin redhead that I am, but I knew that it would only be interesting to a select few. I thought that it would be more interesting to see how much alike we redheads are, in our skin types and makeup products.

A typical redhead has fair skin and it’s a little more dry than usual, especially in the winter. We tend to have blond eyelashes and a sprinkle of freckles across our cheeks. Most redheads have blue eyes (some brown) and we get sunspots easily around our forehead and cheekbones. I wanted to see if the redheads I asked used something different for these common problems, and what I found was that some of them aren’t using anything at all. Take a look.



As I quickly found out, the redheads I know do not use BB cream, which was shocking. It may just be me, but I get red bumps throughout the year and without BB cream I would be miserable. BB cream, which stands for blemish balm, provides coverage with added skin care benefits like SPF and anti-oxidants. It hides those red bumps without causing them to get worse. It also protects my skin from sunspots, which is another common issue in redheads. Basically, I can’t live without it! The two other creams, CC and DD, that are great for problems such as color spots, unnecessary redness, and freckle reduction: a redhead miracle formula! I strongly recommend it to my redhead (or any color-head) friends of mine.

Going back to the survey, I noticed a tie between wearing coral or light pink verses wearing red lipstick. Rule #1 for the 2%-ers: never match your lipstick to your hair. So, if you have orange hair you should probably stray from wearing orange/coral lipstick. I realized this survey didn’t do a good job breaking the corals from the light pinks (and I’m sorry about that), but redheads should definitely go for the light pinks or reds.


Next on the list, I noticed more redheads wear black mascara than brown. The dilemma I’ve found the most difficult in beauty products for redheads is this one. I’ve used both and I honestly can’t tell a difference because I have darker eyelashes than most redheads I know. Black is classic and more defining and brown is more natural. So, I think whichever look you’re going for determines the mascara you should wear. But to spice things up a bit more, I recently discovered Redhead Revolution beauty products. Did you even know this existed? They specialize in beauty products just for the 2% of the world! Yay! One product they are claiming works wonders for the blonde eyelash redheads of the world is Gingerlash in Honest Auburn. When framed with blue or green eyes, it pops. If you wish to give this a try, I’d love to hear your response.

Skipping down to the blush option, it’s pretty clear most redheads use a light pink or red tint which is good. Glad we’re all on the same page about this one. The majority of the time, I skip it all together which is okay, too.

Last by not least, I asked my redhead friends what color eye shadow they use. Just a little background information that shaped my beauty routine for life, I once read in Seventeen magazine that redheads look better in neutral and gold tints. Therefore, I never used anything else. Since then, I’ve always worn neutrals with a slight gold pop. Thankfully, Urban Decay made this easier for me when they created the Naked palate.

Now it’s your turn. Are you a redhead? If so, what is your typically beauty routine?

Thanks again to all of my surveyors. I couldn’t have done this without you!

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