Splurge or Save


This is the first Splurge or Save series post. I love peep toe booties and just recently purchased these from JC Penny on sale. I got the same pair in two different colors; I just couldn’t resist! They are super comfy and go with practically everything in my closet.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which items to splurge on and which to save your pennies instead. With all of the trends that are circling around the days, there’s one that will never go out of style: saving money. There are some items worth the higher price tag and some that simply aren’t. When it comes to shoes, sometimes it pays to splurge a little on a pair that are versatile and comfy. The materials are better quality and last a lot longer. I’ve found that if you splurge a little on a pair of shoes you really love, you won’t regret it. However, I’m totally up for a great bargain, too! Here are some of my favorite splurge and save peep toe booties.



Which pair would you splurge on and which would you save on?

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