WTF: What The Flax?

What the Flax? Why You Need This Superseed, and What to Do With It

I recently made a batch of no-bake energy bites that called for flaxseed. I honestly had no clue what it was or why the recipe called for it, but I went out a purchased a bag of it anyway. I couldn’t taste any difference that it made or didn’t make, but I did notice that the bites really did give me a little boost of energy. The recipe only called for a 1/2 cup of it, so now I had a almost full bag of flaxseed that I didn’t know what to do with it.

So, I went to Pinterest and searched for recipes containing this mystery item and of course, there were tons: muffins, burgers, pancakes, smoothies, salad dressings. I had to find out what the benefits of it was. I found this article and was stunned. What doesn’t this flaxseed do for you?

  • prevents cardiovascular disease
  • fights cancers
  • improves skin conditions
  • reduces hot flashes
  • maintains colon health
  • fights inflammation
  • builds strong bones
  • controls acne
  • banishes dandruff
  • boosts energy

And the list goes on. Just a teaspoon a day can do all of these things and more. I’ve started adding this wonderseed in my salads, smoothies, dips, peanut butter, and as a substitute for eggs when baking. Omega-3’s, calcium, protein, zinc, phosphorous, lignans, and cruelty-free baking: it’s all there, in one tiny seed! Flaxseed offers an easy way to supercharge your meals with healthy nom.

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