Home Tour: A Sophisticated Sitting Room

I’ve always loved Martha O’Hara’s designs because they are all so girly! This particular space is divided into two distinctive seating areas. On one side, you have a fairly neutral palate with a pop of rosy pinks and a pair of sophisticated French bergère chairs in a sassy leopard print fabric. When you toss in a distressed turned leg coffee table, you get a slight antique look.



But then on the other side are four electric blue velvet-tufted armchairs surrounding a sleek mirrored coffee table. What a major transition! This side is definitely more contemporary; however, they work so well together.


Why does this work? If you read my tips for mixing colors and patterns, you’ll recall tip #9: Stick with a consistent hue. Within your color palette, use colors with consistent intensities. If your palette is pastel, don’t mix in a bold jewel tone and vice-versa.

In O’Hara’s design, she chose two bold colors with strong intensities, so they don’t distract from one another nor break up the eye’s overall view. If she would have chosen a soft baby pink, the bright blue chairs would have created an interior headache. In other words, it would have told two completely different stories.

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