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Closet Book Camp: 5 Pro Tips to Getting The Perfect Closet  #InStyle

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I hope your day is filled with the luck of the Irish! Because I’m Irish, I thought I’d give you some “lucky” tips on keeping your closet minimal and relevant.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I try to post my #ootd (outfit of the day) pretty frequently. Not to gloat that my wardrobe is better than anyone else’s, but you show my followers how I reuse a lot of the same articles of clothing for different outfits.

I have a very minimalistic closet. I have chosen to spend money on quality items than have a bunch of clothes don’t hold up and that I never wear. So, since the majority of us cannot have that dream closet in the photo above, I wanted to share some tips for having a [successful] minimalistic closet. It’s really not as hard as you think.

ONE\\ Never buy something that can only be worn with one item you own. Learn to mix and match. If possible, only buy items that can be worn with just about every other item in your closet. This doesn’t mean have a black and white closet, but it means if you purchase a lime green sweater, make sure you have at least five different ways to wear it. I always run through my head and think, “Okay, this could go with those pair of white skinnies, that maxi skirt, and over my chambray button down.”

TWO\\ With that being said, know your colors. Everyone has a color palette that they are drawn to. My colors are green, blue, black and light reds like coral and peach. It’s basically the only colors I wear. So, when I’m out shopping I never buy a yellow blouse or a red skirt because I know it doesn’t match the rest of my closet. Plus, I find that shopping is so much more efficient because I can scan the racks for my colors, instead of having to look through each and every item.

THREE\\ Invest in the basics. Pinterest is full of wardrobe basics. Like I mentioned above, I have started tossing out the cheap looking stuff and investing in good, quality items. I treat them better and they last a lot longer. Some of my favorite basics are black leggings, a chambray shirt, and a good pair of jeans.

FOUR\\ Accessorize. A few accessories can make a big difference and can spruce up a small wardrobe in amazing ways. For instance, if you only have six tops, but you have three scarves and two necklaces that match with almost all of those tops, you just extended your wardrobe possibilities quite a bit.

Having a minimalist wardrobe will not only save you quite a bit of money (the less you shop, the less you spend!), but they will also help to simplify your life. I know I might be weird, but I find that it is so easy to get dressed in the morning when you only have a few options to choose from. In fact, I’d rather have a few items that I love and feel great in, than a closet full of clothes that I don’t really like, don’t fit that well, and haven’t been worn in a number of months.

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