5 Eco-Friendly Clothing Companies You Can Get Into

Being green is something I try to live by on a daily basis. When I was in school, I went through a six-week course on living an eco-friendly lifestyle and also how to design this way in the buildings and spaces I work on. I learned a bunch of lengthy vocabulary words that I probably couldn’t repeat. But needless to say after that course, I started making an effort to live more “green” and reduce my carbon footprint. I stopped using Styrofoam, I started using canvas bags when I shopped, and I refilled bottles of water instead of tossing them.

I will sharing some of those tips with you throughout this month in hopes that you can be mindful of the world around you. I haven’t become am avid treehugger nor have I gone out bought an energy-efficient vehicle, but I’m doing little things that I hope will overall make a difference in the scheme of things.


One of those things is researching companies that are consciously making the same effort to provide products that will give back to the community for generations to come. As part of my green theme, I am sharing five clothing companies that are 100% eco-friendly, one of which is local. These companies manufacture in the USA in non-sweatshop factories and use organic and eco-friendly dyes and fibers. Most of the fabrics are prewashed and end up being super soft and comfy. Pretty great, right?

Organic Clothes

1 Earth Creations (made in Alabama!) \\ 2 Loomstate \\ 3 Indigenous \\ 4 Maggie’s Organics \\ 5 Blue Canoe

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