Green Cleaners

Let’s play a game. When I give you a fact, you answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

  • When I clean my house, I get headaches and runny eyes.
  • My clothes give me rashes in the creases of my arms and legs.
  • My pets and/or kids like to eat/mess/play with the cleaning supplies.
  • After I do the dishes, my hands feel raw and dry.
  • I hate the smell of bleach.

Answer ‘yes’ to any of them? All of them? Ever wonder why? It might be the types of cleaners you are using.


We’ve all been there. The house smells like Pinesol or bleach for hours after cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and you have to open the doors and windows to get the smell out. It might be worth it to switch green to cleaners, especially if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the statements above. Here’s the benefits:

[ONE] Green cleaners are not harmful to your family’s health. Green cleaning products are made from non-toxic or organic materials or ingredients such as vinegar, lemon and baking soda. They can be used anywhere in the home without fear of causing serious harm to your family’s health. You could also use them anytime and as frequently as you would like to, unlike other cleaning products that release toxic fumes and are better used when the kids are not at home.

[TWO] Green cleaners are pet-friendly. If you have pets at home, especially a dog or a cat which are naturally curious and would sniff and lick your carpet or floor, using green cleaning products can ensure you that they will not be harmed. Toxic products such as those that contain acid or ammonia can cause serious harm to your pets in case they come in contact with these products.

[THREE] Green cleaners will not badly affect indoor air quality. Foremost important in every home is the quality of indoor air. Once it is compromised, it may cause coughing and other long-term effects to your health. Toxic cleaners are among the major causes of poor indoor air quality because the fumes can circulate in your system for a day or even days before your air is completely free from these fumes. You will not have to worry about toxic fumes when using green cleaning products.

So, what are the best green cleaners? Glad you asked. I have personally tested all of these cleaners and they reduce my headaches and dry skin immensely. Some are better than others, but only you can figure that out.


You can purchase these cleaners at any grocery store or drug store. (The Ology brand is at Walgreens only.) All of them are typically around the same price, maybe a few dollars more, but totally worth it. Especially, when you clean a lot like me. I actually enjoy doing the dishes or cleaning the toilets because I know that I’m not inhaling toxic chemicals that will harm my health. Plus, when my dog goes behind me and drinks out of the toilet I don’t need to fret.

Other Green Steps to Take:

  • Try washable, reusable microfiber cloths in lieu of paper towels
  • Spritz spray cleaner on cloth, not surfaces; you’ll use less
  • Use the cold setting on your washer when possible

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