Plastic-Free Grocery Shopping + Giveaway

For more reasons than one, plastic bags are dangerous to our planet. I’m sure you’ve seen advertising ploys like the one above highlighting the potential hazards that they can cause if not disposed of properly. There’s also a great infographic on Pinterest about all of the different harmful ways plastic is destroying out planet. If you didn’t click that link above, I’ll sum it up for you: every piece of plastic every made still exists today. Yes, you read that right.

And just because I’m a huge supporter of the World Wildlife Foundation, I’ll just leave this photo here.

♡ We CARE so we SHARE! ♡ PEOPLE! Remember this when helium balloons float away! THEY CHOKE DOLPHINS!

There’s a reason plastic-bag bans are steadily spreading across the U.S. and abroad. While it can sometimes be hard to visualize the harm our everyday stuff can cause the environment, this is not the case with plastic bags, which are visible everywhere from tree branches to the guts of marine animals. And, they’re bad for humans, too. Most grocery stores have started selling canvas tote bags for as little as $0.99 to promote you, quietly, to stop using plastic bags. Places like Aldi and Whole Foods don’t even use plastic bags at all. You bring a reusable tote to the Whole Foods checkout counter, but why stop there? Those bags are perfect for produce and bulk bins, too; you can even find pouch-sized ones for bringing snacks to work. In my honest opinion, leaving the eco-concerns out of it, I prefer using canvas totes anyway because they hold so much more. If you typically shop solo, like me, then having as few bags to carry is preferable.

So, in light of all that, I have partnered with Amanda at Thirty-One gifts to give away this incredible shopping tote. The Essential Storage Tote is perfect for grocery stopping and is deep so it holds a lot; less bags = happy shopper! I already have the Large Utility Tote that I use when I shop, but this one is so deep and is perfect for things like milk and juice that are heavier.

Thirty-One Essential Tote Giveaway copy


In order to win the tote bag and a $20 gift certificate to shop more Thirty-One on Amanda’s site, all you have to do is: ‘Like’ Thirty-Seventh Avenue on Facebook (if you haven’t already). I will use a free random name picker and post a video of the winner on Friday.

To start shopping, visit Amanda’s website by clicking the photo below or this link: They have great totes, thermals, wallets, and more in a bunch of great spring colors. AND monograms are half price this month so make sure you take advantage of that great offer.

Thanks, Amanda, for sponsoring this post!

Amanda Chilton
Thirty-One Independent Consultant


4 thoughts on “Plastic-Free Grocery Shopping + Giveaway

  1. Elena says:

    I don’t like plastic bags and would love to have this tote for groceries :)
    When plastic bags appear in our house I do not through them away, but fold and reuse for cleaning.
    Though it would be great to make people to pay extra for plastic bags in groceries stores, that would remind them to bring their totes next time.

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