DIY Reusable Multi-purpose Bags

Last week, I shared with you all the harmful affects of plastic bags and it got some great reviews. I hope I didn’t scare you all too much into throwing away everything in your home that remotely involved plastic. It takes a conscious effort to live a greener lifestyle and it doesn’t happen overnight.

When I think about plastic bags, I think about all the different things I use them for: lunch, make-up, organizing my purse, dog food, etc. Whether you use them for one thing or another, I’m sure Ziploc bags comes in handy on a daily basis. I mostly use them for my lunch, so I wanted to figure out how many I used.

Keep lemons fresh a Whole Month by putting them into a zippy bag in the fridge — Tips from The Kitchn |

One box of Ziploc sandwich bags are roughly $8 for a 300-pack. If you use three bags every day for five days that’s 15 bags a week / 780 bags a year. That’s just for one person, not to mention if there’s four people in your house. Just for the sake of the argument, let’s figure that: 3 bags per person for five days a week equals 60 bags a week / 3120 a year. If they cost $8 a box, you’d need 11 boxes equaling $88 + tax. Just on Ziploc bags. And we didn’t even factor in the gallon size or freezer that come in handy for freezer meals or leftovers.

In the whole scheme of things, it doesn’t seem like much but think about that multiplied by 6 billion people. Makes you wish you were the founder of Ziploc, amirite?

That led to me to think of 2 things:

1. That’s a lot of plastic in the oceans.
2. How can I save money and the environment by creating my own bags?

DIY_Reusable Snack bags

I found a bunch of tutorials on reusable bags, but this one caught my eye the most because it’s used with oilcloth. Oilcloth is a cotton cloth with a coating of boiled linseed oil which makes it waterproof which makes easy to clean.



I whipped a few up and even though I’m not a master of sewing, it wasn’t that difficult to do. I followed the tutorial and it was very detailed and easy to understand. I personally sewed the sides up and only used Velcro at the top to seal it off. I am currently using them as makeup bags and plan to make some more for snacks. You just can’t go wrong with them. They can be used for so many things!


Total cost of this project: less than $10, $7 to be exact (depending on the fabric you choose) and you can use them again and again. Success!

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