Work Update

This has nothing to do with the theme for this month, but I just had to share these amazing room concepts I designed for a historical Bed & Breakfast located just south of Birmingham. Here’s the building…

There are four rooms in the main house that we are designing: the Kirby, the Wilson, the McKleroy and the third floor double suite who doesn’t have an awesome name, sorry. The whole place is getting a serious contemporary slap in the face. Like starting all over… goodbye early 1800s. Hello 21st century.

Here’s what the Kirby suite looks like right now…

And here’s what it’s going to look like if I get to design it…

 The Kirby Suite \ Design Concept

The Kirby, an elegant and delicate space with a white-washed wood tone and acrylic accents. This room will likely attract the more sophisticated couple. The lighting is glitzy and the fireplace is updated with glass mosaic. The headboard wall will be one of two things: either a purposely rusted piece of sheet metal or a set of gorgeous damask panels. My vote is the later.. ;)

Here’s the Wilson suite as it is right now…

And here’s what I want to do with it…

The Wilson Suite \ Design Concept

The Wilson has a much more youthful approach with dark walnut wood tones and different shades of navy velvet throughout. By far my favorite of the two, this room is bold and inviting and ready for adventure. I love the polished chrome finish, but I toned it down with the rustic nail head trim. The headboard wall is getting the most gorgeous Shibiori ombre wallcovering I’ve ever seen. I cannot wait to see it up. I might melt. Imagine it with a white tufted headboard in front… Ahh… take me away.

There’s also the McKleroy suite, which has gorgeous wallpaper on the ceiling that we are going to leave. How could you not? I’m not sure what the approach is on this room yet, but it’s very unique and much smaller than the others. It also has a BEAUTIFUL claw foot bath tub that’s staying, if I have my way! The third floor double suite is huge… I just don’t know what to do about that. It’s currently being used as an office so the slate is fairly clean.

Anyhow, that’s an update on what I do for a living. Jealous? You should be! Haha.. more to come soon!

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