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This weekend I’ve got plans to rest and relax in the form of street shopping. I’ve had a rough week and have had to make some tough decisions. I’m thankful that the man upstairs has got me covered. Tomorrow is the opening day for the Pepper Place farmer’s market, Woodlawn Street Market, the UAB alumni football game, and the CahabaQue Cookoff. Hopefully, I can hit every one of them, fingers crossed. It’s going to be hard because they are all within the same timeframe! I love fun-filled Saturdays! Expect to see lots of Instapics.

[ONE] This new Lauren Conrad collection has me head over heels. It just keeps getting better.

[TWO] I might need to add this maxi dress to my birthday wish list.

[THREE] We just received a yard of this Shirbori wallcovering in the navy as a sample at work. It looks so much better in person. I kind of what to put it in every room of my house.

[FOUR] Corgis already make me laugh and this infographic just adds more to it.

[FIVE] Canaan Smith is just a cutie. This song is a ‘roll your windows down and turn it up loud’ kind of song.

Repurposing Old Drawers

Part of having a “green” lifestyle is recycling and reusing, and not just in the way of saving glass and paper. One of my pastimes is finding a new purpose for an old piece of furniture. Sometimes I refinish and repaint them a bright color to use as an accent piece and other times I leave them in their natural state. Either way, I enjoy visualizing the use of an old treasure.

In some cases, pieces of an item are more valuable than the actual piece itself. For instance, there are a lot of practical and functional ways to repurpose drawers of a dresser or cabinet. Here are some really interesting way to use drawers in a new and stylish way.

Use drawers as shelves in the kitchen - 20 Diy Ideas How to Reuse Old Drawers

Reuse the old drawers, the ones you thought you will throw away - 20 Adorable DIY Nightstands

12 Clever Ways to Reuse Things You'd Normally Throw Away

Make rolling drawers under your bed. I'll be scouring thrift stores and yard sales for old dressers. I must do this for under all the beds. 20 Diy Ideas How to Reuse Old Drawers

Upcycle a Drawer to make an ottoman. So Clever! Could use a drawer from a dresser from another up cycle project on Pinterest

6 Winning New Uses For Old Drawers

So before you throw out those drawers, think of a possible use for them. I always go to Pinterest for new ideas. If you can visualize it yourself, Pinterest can do that for you.


Skinny Mojito

When I went to New York last November with my office peeps, my boss and her son got me hooked on mojitos. I’d never had one before and I can say I’ve had one of the best, according to them. The bartender at our hotel, the W hotel on Lexington, used 10 Cane rum and created the perfect mixture between mint and lime. I’ve yet had another like it. It was pure magic.

I saw this recipe for a skinny mojitoI knew I had to try it out based upon my new-found knowledge of the “perfect mixture.” I am trying to work on that bikini bod before summer, so I have to keep track of those calories. Yuck! This one has a total of 146, that’s less than a Coke! It wasn’t near as good as the one in New York, but it was good none the less. Especially, when you need a drink after a long day at work.






Skinny Mojito
recipe adapted from Leaving The Rut

2 ounces of white rum
8-10 mint leaves
1 lime, sliced
diet-tonic water (mini cans of Chek)
1/4 tsp. of granulated sugar

From the bar:

Pick the mint leaves and put them in your glass. Squeeze several slices of lime into the glass and add the squeezed limes to the cup. Sprinkle the sugar into the cup on top of the limes and the mint. The sugar helps break up the mint leaves when you muddle it and releases the flavor. Using the muddler (or the handle of a wooden spoon) and moderate pressure muddle the limes, mint and sugar together. If you do not muddle them well enough you run the risk of not being able to taste the mint. Once, you start smelling the mint you’re muddled. Now fill your glass with ice almost to the top. Add 2 oz. of white rum. Top your drink off with the Diet-Tonic water, stir and serve.

Total calories: 146 – cha-ching!

PS: This is a great virgin drink, too. Just take the rum out and add a teensy splash of vanilla. Trust me, it’s goooooooood.

Plastic-Free Grocery Shopping + Giveaway

For more reasons than one, plastic bags are dangerous to our planet. I’m sure you’ve seen advertising ploys like the one above highlighting the potential hazards that they can cause if not disposed of properly. There’s also a great infographic on Pinterest about all of the different harmful ways plastic is destroying out planet. If you didn’t click that link above, I’ll sum it up for you: every piece of plastic every made still exists today. Yes, you read that right.

And just because I’m a huge supporter of the World Wildlife Foundation, I’ll just leave this photo here.

♡ We CARE so we SHARE! ♡ PEOPLE! Remember this when helium balloons float away! THEY CHOKE DOLPHINS!

There’s a reason plastic-bag bans are steadily spreading across the U.S. and abroad. While it can sometimes be hard to visualize the harm our everyday stuff can cause the environment, this is not the case with plastic bags, which are visible everywhere from tree branches to the guts of marine animals. And, they’re bad for humans, too. Most grocery stores have started selling canvas tote bags for as little as $0.99 to promote you, quietly, to stop using plastic bags. Places like Aldi and Whole Foods don’t even use plastic bags at all. You bring a reusable tote to the Whole Foods checkout counter, but why stop there? Those bags are perfect for produce and bulk bins, too; you can even find pouch-sized ones for bringing snacks to work. In my honest opinion, leaving the eco-concerns out of it, I prefer using canvas totes anyway because they hold so much more. If you typically shop solo, like me, then having as few bags to carry is preferable.

So, in light of all that, I have partnered with Amanda at Thirty-One gifts to give away this incredible shopping tote. The Essential Storage Tote is perfect for grocery stopping and is deep so it holds a lot; less bags = happy shopper! I already have the Large Utility Tote that I use when I shop, but this one is so deep and is perfect for things like milk and juice that are heavier.

Thirty-One Essential Tote Giveaway copy


In order to win the tote bag and a $20 gift certificate to shop more Thirty-One on Amanda’s site, all you have to do is: ‘Like’ Thirty-Seventh Avenue on Facebook (if you haven’t already). I will use a free random name picker and post a video of the winner on Friday.

To start shopping, visit Amanda’s website by clicking the photo below or this link: They have great totes, thermals, wallets, and more in a bunch of great spring colors. AND monograms are half price this month so make sure you take advantage of that great offer.

Thanks, Amanda, for sponsoring this post!

Amanda Chilton
Thirty-One Independent Consultant


Organic Foods: Are they safer?

A few weeks ago, I ran into the grocery store to pick up some fruits and veggies for the week and I couldn’t help but stare at this woman and her child munching on some grapes as they shopped. All of the hands that have been on those grapes, and yet it didn’t phase them. That led me to think about the produce that I’m getting. Is it truly safe for me? I always wash my fruits and veggies no matter what, but is that good enough?


Organic food is now a regular feature at any grocery store. I typically steer away from the organic foods because they are more expensive. However, I’ve recently started paying attention to my produce in particular. I had seen the little USDA sticker, but I didn’t know what all that entailed. So, I researched the difference between organic vs. conventionally grown and learned quite a lot.

The word “organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution. Also, farmers who grow organic produce don’t use conventional methods to fertilize and control weeds.

Many factors influence the decision to choose organic food. Some people choose organic food because they prefer the taste. Yet others opt for organic because of concerns such as pesticides.

Conventional growers use synthetic pesticides to protect their crops from molds, insects and diseases. When farmers spray pesticides, this can leave residue on produce. Organic farmers use insect traps, careful crop selection (disease-resistant varieties), predator insects or beneficial microorganisms instead to control crop-damaging pests. When you buy organic food, you limit your exposure to these residues. Organic produce typically carries significantly fewer pesticide residues than does conventional produce.

The way I keep my produce on check is by remembering the Dirty Dozen.


It pays to spend a little more of these 12 items because you can rest assure knowing they are safe for you and your family. Plus, they taste sweeter and are more juicier because they aren’t soaked in nasty pesticides. Feel free to print this little guy out and stick it to your fridge so you can always remember.


Friday Favorites

Denim Lace Dress | Sequins & Stripes

Happy Friday! I hope you have enjoyed my first two posts about being green. I think it’s fun doing something that is beneficial to the earth. Call me crazy. This weekend I’m looking forward to celebrating my sweet puppy’s Gotcha Day! Two years ago today, I gave her a fur-ever home and I can’t remember life without her. Happy Easter, everyone!

[ONE] Looking forward to trying this chicken alfredo pizza. Two of my favorite things.

[TWO] I’m getting beach ready with this 30-minute treadmill workout.

[THREE] I’m all about creating a home that you love. These 8 tips for Feng Shui-ing your house are perfect.

[FOUR] Just go ahead and follow this Instagram feed. You won’t be disappointed.

[FIVE] I just started Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and I’m Pretty Little OBSESSED. These memes are on point. #same