Crestline Bagel

Happy May, readers! April flew by and I’m so excited because it’s my birthday month! Also, at the end of the month I’m traveling to Charleston, SC for the first time and I could not be more ready to be on vacation with my feet propped up and a drink in my hand.

This month I want to shake things up a little bit on Thirty-Seventh Avenue and create a few new series. One of those series will be highlighting my favorite spots around the Birmingham area. Have you ever been a tourist in your own town? Birmingham is full of restaurants, bars, sweet shops and more that I have yet to discover. I’ve made a list and I will be sharing with you my all-time favorites and the new ones I discover along the way.


Crestline Bagel
located in the Mountain Brook Village shopping center
66-B Church Street, Mt. Brook


What I get: Nancy’s Chicken Salad on a butter croissant with baked potato salad.

Crestline Bagel is known for their freshly made every day bagels and cream cheese. They also have tons of sandwiches, Panini’s, salads, sweets and even puppy treats! The staff is incredibly sweet and they are super patient and willing to help in any way. They’ll even let you sample something before you order it. They only use local, natural, whole ingredients and everything has a fresh and unique flavor. The interior is a little dated, with blue and white tiles and neon signs, but it gives it character. There’s a huge  chalkboard menu and a circular glass wall showcasing their very large bread oven. I’ve never seen them actually making the bagels, but I bet that would be really neat. My boyfriend is obsessed with their potato salad. It really is amazing. We try to go every Sunday for a post-workout meal. It’s the perfect amount of food and it’s so light and refreshing.

UPDATE: (MAY 11, 2015) They are not making their chicken salad the way they used to. They have someone new making it and it’s just not as good. I’m on the hunt for the real Nancy’s recipe. Stay tuned.

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