Weekend Summer Style

What I Wore_ThisWeekend

This weekend we had beautiful weather in Birmingham. I have been in this funk lately because of my foot (I had a minor operation two weeks ago) and it’s been hard to really do anything, much less be active. I finally was able to go to the gym and get a workout out, and believe me I am still feeling it. After the gym, Jimmy and I grabbed a quick lunch before going to the UAB baseball game. It was a gorgeous day and I really got sunburnt. That evening we grabbed dinner at Olive Garden and waited for the big fight. His dad bought it for us to watch and by the time the guys came out, I was beyond exhausted. Mixing sore muscles with an aching sunburn got the best of me. I couldn’t tell you anything about the fight because I was half-asleep.


On Sunday, I woke up early and rode with my mom, dad, and niece to Prattville for my youngest nephew’s fourth birthday. After lunch, we went to my oldest nephew’s piano recital where he did an amazing job, mostly from memorization. I was super proud of him. I had a great afternoon catching up with my sister and brother in law and having all four children there was a treat.


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