Travel Log: Atlanta, GA

Atlanta copy

Atlanta is the closest thing I have to a big city in Birmingham. It’s just a leap over there and there’s always something new and exciting going on. Whether it’s a Braves game, a walk through my favorite aquarium, or sips at the Coke Factory, Atlanta is full of life and never boring.

March 2010

My boyfriend and I try to travel somewhere each year as a little getaway for a weekend. Atlanta is always on the list of possibilities because there’s always something to do. A couple of years ago, J and I went to ATL for a weekend and that was the first time I had been to the aquarium. Holy moly. It’s fantastic. If you’ve never been, get in your car and go now. It’s fairly new and prenominal. From the actual structure itself, to the architectural elements inside, to each and every exhibit, the Georgia Aquarium is fun for all ages. We are kids at heart, so we enjoyed every minute of it especially the whale shark tank.

While we were there, we checked out the Coca-Cola Factory across the street, which was a lot of fun. They give you a tour of the bottling factory and at the end you can taste all of the different Coke products from all over the world. They also give you a glass Coke bottle as a souvenir.

The most recent time J and I went to Atlanta, we went to the zoo. We are suckers for a good zoo. Thank goodness for a little time…

May 2012

We ran into Ikea for a split second. J was not amused. Wowzers that place is huge.

Of course we went to a Braves game at Turner Field, always a classic, and at the time the Titanic exhibit was on display so we did that. It was $25/ticket but totally worth it. The artifacts that they have discovered are chilling, pun intended. We couldn’t take any pictures inside, obviously, so we asked some nice lady to take one of us outside.

Again.. Thank goodness time is on our side. We’re looking a little better. Funny thing is, this was only two years after the first time we went!

And last but not least, we toured the Fernbank Natural History Museum. We’re nerds, I tell ya. It was soooooo cool though. Definitely a must see if you haven’t been.

Hahah… so they had a Poop Exhibit, which was disgusting, but J wanted to see it. I’ll just leave this photo here.

This was a while ago so I couldn’t tell you what we ate. At the time, we just wanted to do stuff and we didn’t really care about fancy restaurants. The more we travel, the better at being “adults” we become.

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