Patio Herb Garden


I’ve always wanted to have an herb garden, but I never really knew how to go about doing it. I am always buying fresh herbs from the grocery store and the farmers market, so I figured how hard could it be?


Living in the city (and in a rental) meant that I needed to find a temporary solution to my herb garden. My mother found this adorable little planter stand and it looked lonely on my patio. I ran to my home improvement store and picked up classic clay pots. I had intentions on painting them, but you know, things never go as planned.


I went down their herbs isle and grabbed four of my favorites: basil, parsley, cilantro, and rosemary. My boss had already given me some of her mint, which smells amazing! I pick a couple off leaves almost everyday to go in my water along with fruit. I am obsessed with fruit-infused water right now.

2015-05-11 23.18.02

I picked up a bag of simple organic potting soil and and when I got home transferred those puppies over. The rosemary smells soooo amazing. I’ve been using my fresh herbs in almost every meal. I love having them right outside my door.


And I couldn’t go without showing y’all my little helper… Isn’t she adorable?

2015-05-11 23.21.25

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