Scheduling Blog Posts + Freebie

Scheduling Blog Post2

I’ve been blogging/journaling for over four years. My first blog (lord, bless me) was terrible. I had no clue about branding or graphic design to save my little life. However, I grew and I think that Thirty-Seventh Avenue is the treasure that I was digging for. I’m proud of my little corner of the World Wide Web. I’ve worked hard on making it truly me and not someone else. As I continue to grow and learn, I find ways of making my life a little easier.

Thirty-Seventh Avenue is a lifestyle blog, for lack of better words. The majority of the topics I discuss are food, fashion and interiors with the occasional eco-friendly/organic, literature, DIY, and posts like the one you’re about to read.

My hope is that if you’re reading my blog for the first time and you are thinking about starting your own, that this will help. I’m not an expert, but I do have a piece of advice if you are planning on starting a blog or just need help with the one you’ve got.


I could not even begin to express the importance of this. Whether it’s a print-off from Google or a pretty one from May Designs (or the freebie at the end of this post), you need something that you can schedule your posts in/on. The one thing I’ve learned from blogging is that being organized and scheduled will save your sanity. There’s nothing worse than waking up and not having anything to post. No bueno.


Before you can schedule your posts, you have to come up with a few categories on what you want to discuss. If you look at the ribbon on the top of my page, I have a categories button. Hover over that, and you’ll see that I have three main categories and two additional categories. If you want to get really into it categorizing, within each category you can have sub-categories. Hover over any of my five and you’ll see more that jut out to the right. Bottom line: pick at least three and stick with that.


Now that you have a calendar and a few categories, get to scheduling. I see a lot of bloggers designate certain days to certain topics such as Wish List Wednesday and Thursday Word Day. I try to do that myself, too. It just takes out the guess work. Typically, I find that topics flow to me easier when I’m scheduling what I already know I want to post. If I’m writing about my new patio herb garden, I begin to think of four or five recipes I could create using my new herbs. Next thing I know, I have two or three weeks planned!

Freebie Calendar

This is where this handy dandy calendar I made comes in handy. If you’re new to scheduling, get this FREE printable to help you out. You’ll be amazed at how simpler your life will be knowing that a week’s posts are complete. The only thing left is to type them up and save them until it’s time to publish them.

So, whether you’re thinking about starting a blog, new to the blogging world, or just want to be a better blogger try scheduling your posts and see what happens. It may not work for you as much as it does for me, but it’s worth a shot!

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