CHS Trip: Day One

The first night we were in Charleston, we went to the Rooftop at the Vendue to watch the Cavs game. Definitely a cool place to check out if you’re in the area. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t have my camera with me, but you can look it up! Gorgeous views of the city! That night, we grabbed an icecream at Jeni’s on King Street. We had the Darkest Chocolate in a waffle cone. So yummy.


The first full day in Charleston we went to Sullivan’s Island. I was so impressed with the little town. There were tons of restaurants and shops, but it wasn’t a huge touristy area. When we made it to the beach, I was shocked to see not a single hotel or condo. Unfortunately, no white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, either. The Atlantic was dark and the sand was almost black and muddy at parts. The wind was almost unbearable the first day and the sand blew in your face. We only stayed for a little while, but the last day we were in Charleston, we came back and it was much better. We stayed out there for a couple of hours and go super sun-burnt. We even got in the ocean for a little while! Shocker!


We ate lunch at Poe’s Tavern, which was a recommendation from a friend, after author Edgar Allan Poe who was stationed on Sullivan’s Island between the wars. Only nineteen at the time, he left his mark on Sullivan’s Island and the island apparently had quite an effect on him, as well, providing the setting for at least three of his stories.

The atmosphere was really fun and the service was great. We split the chili con queso as an appetizer and the Tell-Tale Heart burger and potato salad as the entre. The burger had a fried egg, slice of bacon, and cheddar cheese on it. It was sooooo delicious. (PS: I found this picture on their website. I forgot to take one! Too hungry, I suppose…)

After Poe’s, we explored Patriot’s Point where we went aboard the USS Yorktown. Such a fascinating experience, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.


For dinner we ate at Monza on King Street where we had the most amazing pizza I’ve ever had in my life. We spilt the Caesar salad and the Materassi pizza which had fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. We added some chicken in there, too. You’ll notice we split everything because we are tiny people.


For desert we grabbed a Death by Chocolate cupcake from Cupcake Downsouth. Nom.


We ended the night by wondering through Marion Square and the College of Charleston, which were absolutely beautiful.

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