CHS Trip: Day Two

If you are just catching on to my trip posts, you might want to check out these first: CHS Trip: The Holy City and CHS Trip: Day One.

The second day of our trip consisted of the beloved South Carolina Aquarium which was fabulous. The exhibits were designed very nice and the we got to see a few animals that we’d never seen up close before.

Sc Aquarium

Then, we ate lunch at Butcher and Bee, a cute little café-style place with an industrial atmosphere. I got the biggest French toast I’d ever seen with homemade granola and fresh blueberries and Jimmy got a burger that was as big as my face! Their homemade ketchup was amazing, too! I grabbed a coffee at the Daily, right next door, and we walked up and down King Street for a little while.


We ended the afternoon at the hotel which was fine, because the sun wore us out! We swam for a little bit and then called it a day!

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