CHS Trip: Day Four

If you’re new to my Charleston trip recap, you might want to start here: CHS Trip: The Holy City.

The last day ended up being my favorite part of the trip. We got up early and drove out to Boone Hall Plantation, another scene from the Notebook (Allie’s summer home) and also the venue of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds wedding. As you can see, the most gorgeous view is the Avenue of Oaks, a corridor of oak trees that are over 200 years old. Such a site to see. The plantation was owned by slave owner, John Boone, and the original slave dwellings are still on the property. They were built by the slaves themselves and you can see in a close-up picture the fingerprints, or signature as our tour guide called them, on the bricks that were handmade on the property. Chill bumps! The plantation is still a working farm that grows over a million different fruits and vegetables and it’s also still a residence to the current owners, brother and sister, when they are in town. We got to go inside the main level of the house and see three rooms which were all so beautifully decorated. There’s such a history at Boone Hall, so I recommend you go if you’re in the area.


After Boone Hall, we were planning of visiting Folly Beach (another local beach spot) but we got trapped by the bridge and had to stay in Sullivan’s Island. We spent the remainder of the day laying out and relaxing and we even grabbed some queso dip at the Mexican restaurant there called Taco Mamacita.

And that’s a wrap! Over all the trip was by far one of the best I’ve ever been to (DC is hard to beat!). I am highly looking forward to returning next year, if possible, and checking off a few more must-dos. If you haven’t been, GO! and experience the architectural beauty that makes Charleston so unique. The food and entertainment is fantastic, but you just can’t beat the landscape.

CHS Trip: Day One, CHS Trip: Day Two, CHS Trip: Day Three.

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