Fringe Alchemy Hand Soap


Little luxuries are those things you find when you’re not looking.  Like buried treasure, waiting to be found. These are my little luxuries.

Recently on my trip to Charleston, I rediscovered my adoration of hand soaps. The soap we had in the hotel was so amazing. I would hide it everyday so the house-keeping ladies would give us a new one. I ended up bringing them all home. Sadly, they are about used up. I had forgotten how much I loved hand soaps.


There’s just something magically indulging when you get to wash your hands with a lovely scented bar of soap. You almost feel like you’re a guest in your own home.

About a year or so ago, someone gave me a bar of Fringe Alchemy soap from Anthropologie. I believe it had a touch of lemon and basil. It was divine. I was so sad to see it go. However, while browsing around Tuesday Morning, my go-to place for little luxuries, I uncovered this metal tin of Fringe. Feeling hopeful, I opened it up and took a whiff. Ahhhhh. I was so close to buying what they had in stock.


The scent, creamy floral grapefruit, took over my bathroom. It’s the first thing you smell when you walk in. I’m so leery to even use it; I just want to let it sit and be pretty.

What are your favorite hand soaps?

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