Always buzzing just like neon, neon.


Maybe the title of this post is a nod to John Mayer. Maybe it’s not.

Look, when you’re a girl who doesn’t have any one to take photos of you, you have to improvise. Besides, I am far from a fashion blogger. However, I just loved this outfit from last week and just had to take photos of it. This polka dot dress came from Target — last summer. Sorry, y’all! I just love the vibrancy and energy it brings to a summer day. It definitely brightens up a room. And it makes me look tanner than I really am. Score!


The clutch is Old Navy. I actually snagged this from one of the trading sites we have on Facebook. Along with another one from Anthro, they were $20 for both! Double score! I so, so thought it was black and neon, but I’m glad I was wrong. I love the army green. This clutch may have been designed for an iPad, who knows. It’s pretty roomy.


My favorite shoes in my closet are these LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s wedges. They are so shimmery and elegant. They are actually a mixture between gray and beige, in the design world we call that greige. I know, we’re not too clever, are we? Anyhow, they actually are super comfy. I once ran across UAB campus from Bartow Arena to the parking deck IN THE RAIN in these suckers. They’ve done me quite well.

Watch and earrings are also Kohl’s (fairly new) and the bracelet is from my momma.

Happy Monday, folks! Hope you all have a great week!

PS: White dog + hardwood = disaster. Sorry, folks. My floors are never clean, no matter how hard I try.

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