Award-winning jam maker, acclaimed pastry chef and restaurateur, Sarabeth Levine, founder of Sarabeth’s, began making orange-apricot marmalade, her number one top seller, from her home kitchen from a 200 year old family recipe and selling it to local food shops. From that humble beginning, Sarabeth with her husband and business partner, Bill Levine, now own and operate a jam factory, a wholesale-retail bakery café and nine restaurants. It is a true American success story.


Her orange-apricot marmalade is delicious with just about any meal: pork tenderloin, turkey or ham sandwiches, grilled chicken, little smokies, or simply with bread and butter.

My favorite, though, is her Blood Orange Marmalade. Since blood orange season has just ended, I was able to snatch up this special edition marmalade which is made only during the limited harvesting season of the rare California Blood Orange (Dec-May). Mmmm it’s so good. Blood orange is one of my favorite seasonal fruit; however, I’ve never made anything with it. I can hardly ever find it around the Birmingham area, so you can imagine how excited I was to see this. And it smells amazing.


Sarabeth has other items on her website: cookies, tarts, preserves, beverages, specialty foods, soups, and souvenir items such as coffee mugs and books. I just love her gift box sets: they are perfect for when you just want a little bit of all of her favorites.


You can order and of Sarabeth’s item from her website or you can check out these retailers:


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